Try digestive enzymes and herbs instead of antacids, acid blockers

A report from a pharmacist at Early to Rise’s Total Health Breakthroughs reveals osteoporosis might in part be attributable to the use of acid-blocking drugs.

Jim LaValle, the writer, says the drugs can keep the body from absorbing proper amounts of vitamin B12, vitamin D and calcium. A lack of calcium, he says, can decrease bone density.

Instead of acid blockers, LaValle recommends natural measures, including the following:

  • Changes in diet, such as a move from sugary foods to more vegetables
  • Natural products, including digestive enzymes, probiotics and DGL licorice
  • Limits on coffee, cola and alcohol

Sugary foods, coffee, and colas are highly acidic, which requires the body to use calcium — at bones’ expense — to maintain a healthy pH balance. Alcohol destroys digestive enzymes, leading to discomfort and the inability to properly digest foods.

Digestive enzymes and probiotics work to maintain healthy digestion, and DGL licorice helps to soothe an irritated digestive tract.


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