Preemies benefit from probiotic formulas

Adding to mounting evidence that probiotics might have myriad health benefits, researchers say friendly bacteria provide support for preterm newborns.

A Reuters story reports on a study that observed significant improvements in gut health in bottle-fed preemies who ingested the probiotic Lactobacillus reuteri.

Compared with babies who were formula fed without the addition of the probiotic, those who were breast-fed or given L. reuteri were less likely to spit up or cry. The probiotic- and breast-fed groups also had significant increases in bowel movements, according to the story.

What’s more, bottle-fed newborns given the probiotic exhibited gastrointestinal motility patterns similar to those of breast-fed infants.

In addition, a story from Natural Solutions magazine asserts probiotics might promote skin health. The magazine cites research that says friendly bacteria strengthens the skin’s acid mantle — oil and sweat on its surface — that provides protection against pathogens and free radicals.


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