Does gluten-free mean zero gluten?

It seems food products marketed with “gluten-free” labels must be taken with a grain of salt. Or, better yet, eaten with a good digestive enzyme.

An early 2009 story from United Press International reports on an investigation that found gluten-free chicken and beef products actually contained the protein. The culprits, available from Whole Foods Market Inc., had 116 to 2,200 parts per million of gluten.

Although some people might believe “gluten-free” labeling literally means that the product has no gluten, an exact requirement is still sketchy. Even if the product is marketed as “gluten-free,” it could still contain traces of the protein.

That being the case, it’s probably a good idea for everyone sensitive to gluten, especially those with celiac disease, to take a DPP IV digestive enzyme supplement that focuses on breaking down the protein. Even if they take the enzyme supplement, celiac sufferers should always eat gluten-free products.


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