Energy therapy using a bioenergetic testing device

Wouldn’t it be great if there were a noninvasive, fast and safe way to evaluate, and improve, your health? One where you could avoid hassles, high costs and arduous medical procedures.

What if you could get immediate results and an individualized, whole-body health assessment in less time than it takes to make a healthy dinner? With bioenergetic medicine YOU CAN!

Bioenergetic medicine is based on the belief that all humans possess a form of vital life energy. Many alternative health care practitioners use bioenergetic testing devices to detect blockages in this natural energy flow.

The device in the video below uses a probe and central control platform to evaluate patient health. The probe measures the flow of energy that travels through human electrical channels, referred to as meridians.

The results of this energy analysis, displayed clearly via computer, indicate the health status of organs and organ systems. Using bioenergetic testing devices or muscle testing, alternative health care practitioners can determine if nutritional supplements, or other therapies, might restore or maintain patient health.


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