Will electronic medical records help prevent dangerous drug interactions?

The death of actor Heath Ledger, blamed on a deadly combination of prescription medications, brings to light the dangers of mixing pharmaceuticals, over-the-counter remedies and other substances such as alcohol.

It’s likely Ledger obtained the prescriptions and drugs from several sources, and therefore he probably wasn’t aware of the potential dangers of mixing these medications. This seems to be a growing problem across the U.S.

Of course, it would be ideal if patients went to the same pharmacy for all of their prescriptions and wrote out for doctors a list of their medications. However, many people might find one pharmacy to be more convenient than another, or, as health insurance plans continue to change, some people might find it difficult to stay with the same doctor year after year.

Probably one of the best solutions for tracking the use of drugs, supplements and other substances is electronic medical records. In addition, software now allows people to type in their personal medical histories, providing beneficial information for doctors or pharmacists.

Another solution, of course, would be to avoid taking potentially dangerous medications whenever possible. To support a variety of conditions, people could turn to safe, natural alternative supplements. There are several enzyme-based digestive and systemic products that could modulate the inflammatory process, improve healing, support immune function and provide essential nutrients for overall health.


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