Alternative health care practitioners for baby boomers

Baby boomers might face a health care system that significantly limits access to quality care, according to a story from The Associated Press.

In fact, in April 2008, the AP said traditional medicine for the aging U.S. population faced many challenges:

  • One geriatric specialist was available per 2,500 seniors
  • Sufficient medical training did not exist
  • Turnover of nurses aides was 71 percent per year
  • Some elderly patients need team care, which some insurance plans don’t provide

The story suggests insurance plans should cover preventive care rather than simply treating conditions.

Thankfully, U.S. seniors have chiropractors, naturopaths, acupuncturists and other alternative health practitioners on their side. Whether it’s nutrition or enzyme therapy, these practitioners provide baby boomers and the elderly with safe, effective and natural choices for sustaining long-term health.


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