Avoid more serious symptoms of gastrointestinal disorders

Improper digestion can be the root cause of several disorders.

Some of the most common symptoms of digestive problems include indigestion, bloating, gas and acid reflux. Other, more serious ailments associated with digestive disease are allergies and immune disorders.

MyIBDCentral.com, a Health Central Web site devoted to those struggling with inflammatory bowel disease, discusses in depth some symptoms of IBD that might develop outside of the gastrointestinal tract. These include arthritis, skin disorders, eye problems and liver disease.

Unlike antacids and acid blockers, which only mask the symptoms of improper digestion, digestive enzyme supplements attack the root cause. Enzyme supplements can help the body properly break down food and assimilate nutrients for immune system support and better overall health.

Because our modern diets of cooked and processed food contain little, if any, natural enzymes, it’s increasingly important to support digestion with safe, natural enzyme supplements. Enzymes help the body break down proteins, which if not digested properly create a potentially cancerous environment in the colon. A study also reports that the tendency toward food allergies is reduced up to 10,000 times when proper digestion is supported.


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