Life stages, gender play increasingly important roles in supplement choice

Whether you’re a 15-year-old boy with acne problems or an older female dealing with the onset of menopausal symptoms, modern-day nutritional trends and ailments are increasing demand for, and encouraging the development of, new types of dietary supplements.

For children, products with essential fatty acids are gaining popularity, as marketing has pointed toward benefits for brain development and concentration. Probiotics for healthy digestion also have become more important, while supplements with vitamin D are recognized for their bone-health and immune-boosting benefits.

Pregnant women also have fueled the supplement trend, according to a story in Natural Products Insider. The story mentioned that they are seeking nutritional supplements designed specifically for childbearing years. And after the baby is born, specific diet products have been introduced that claim to help women reach more healthful weights.

Males also are migrating toward products with essential fatty acids for brain and heart benefits, and those supplements that support prostate and sperm health are gaining ground, according to the story. Tanning products and stress-relieving supplements also are among popular products for men.


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