Healthy digestion among key factors fueling food trends

In a report from The Hartman Group, most of the latest food trends were directly related to improving quality of life. And to achieve healthier bodies, most of the trends could involve the consumption of enzyme supplements or foods that retain their natural enzyme content.

Hartman says consumers look for products that support digestion, energy and immunity, according to For example, consumers could look toward ingredients such as hemp to obtain those benefits. The food also provides advantages such as fiber, essential fatty acids and anti-inflammatory properties.

Several digestive and systemic enzyme supplements could also help support the quest for increased energy and immune support, as well as provide inflammatory benefits. The report even mentions digestive enzymes and probiotics as food ingredients that can help maintain health.

Consumers also are trying to avoid processed foods or those that could cause adverse reactions, says Although some might choose to buy locally produced or raw foods to obtain these benefits, there are several enzyme supplements that can aid in the digestion of dairy, gluten and other foods that might cause sensitivities. In addition, digestive enzymes can help the body properly assimilate nutrients from cooked or processed foods.


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