Exercise, keep mind sharp for Alzheimer’s, dementia

Alzheimer’s disease is expected to affect one out of eight baby boomers. There were 411,000 new cases of Alzheimer’s in 2000, and by 2050, each year will bring close to 1 million new Alzheimer’s cases.

In a study on mice, researchers found exercise might be the best way to ward off Alzheimer’s, as it prevented the formation of plaque in the brain by 50 percent to 80 percent, according to ABC. Further, when mice exercised they produced two times as much of an enzyme that breaks away plaque.

In addition to exercise, many reports say crossword puzzles and other mind exercises that challenge the brain might be good for Alzheimer’s prevention. ABC also mentions that controlling hypertension and diabetes are ways to avoid mental decline, or dementia.

Because a healthy lifestyle is so important, especially for baby boomers and other seniors, it’s imperative to complement physical and mental exercise with highly nutritious foods and nutritional supplements.


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