Hyaluronic acid boasts several anti-aging benefits

Hyaluronic acid, which might help deflect the effects of aging, has arrived. In fact, hyaluronic acid (HA) is already in our bodies.

It’s a form of connective tissue that works by binding salt and water and enlarging the space around cells. HA supplements might not only turn back the clock, but could also improve overall health, according to WholeFoods Magazine.

A natural alternative to surgery, HA could benefit the skin, eyes and joints.

In the skin, where the body stores more than half of its HA, the amount of hyaluronic acid naturally decreases with age. Supplemental HA could help reduce wrinkles because it attracts extracellular fluids that help keep the skin hydrated. For the eye, HA helps sustain the health of the cornea, retina and fluids, according to WholeFoods.

Finally, arthritis occurs when the amount of HA decreases in the cushioning barriers between joints. To help relieve joint pain, HA provides this lubrication, modulates the inflammatory process and stimulates tissue repair. In a joint-pain study that included patients with arthritis, post-traumatic pain and spine pain, an oral HA supplement was shown to provide relief in almost 90% of subjects.


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