Use your mouse to find the best medical services

As debates over health insurance continue, Web sites now allow consumers to evaluate the quality and price of medical services. It seems very similar to using the Web for car buying or comparing prices and quality of electronics.

Of course, there are some in the health care realm who believe the market, rather than Web sites, should help consumers decide what services and doctors to choose. The relationship with a family doctor, surgeon or nurse is a personal one. Health care choice is far different from the decisions we make on weekly shopping trips.

However, aren’t modern-day health care problems attributable, in part, to the high cost of health insurance and medical services? The question is: Should consumers have easy access to resources that help them find competitively priced or more effective health care?

Consumers with good insurance might not care about the price of check-ups or procedures, but they certainly want top-quality care and likely, lower monthly health insurance costs. Those with poor health insurance, too, could benefit from doctor ratings and reviews if they have limited practitioner choices. Those without insurance could benefit from cost and quality comparisons.


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