The big hang up: cell phone safety

Are we safe from cell-phone radiation? One day we read about a short-term study that claims no correlation between brain cancer and cell phones, and the next day, the verdict is still out. Some 10-year studies find a connection, and some find no cancer association.

A story in 2008 made national headlines when it was revealed radiation from cell phones might affect sperm quality. According to a Reuters report, researchers observed lower sperm counts and a greater amount of abnormal sperm as men spent more hours using cell phones each day. Men who used a cell phone for more than fours hours experienced the most negative affects.

Of course, men who use their cell phones for more than four hours a day might have different lifestyles than those who use cell phones 30 minutes to one hour a day, and those lifestyle differences could lead to sperm abnormalities.

Still, studies such as this are quite disheartening, especially when the stories say electromagnetic energy could possibly lead to DNA damage. For now, maybe the best thing to do is limit our cell phone use and provide our bodies with sufficient nutrition to promote whole-body health and protect against free-radical damage.


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