Probiotics for weight loss?

A story on reports that probiotics might play a role in metabolism. According to a recent study, probiotics could change the way bile acids are metabolized, which could affect how individuals absorb fat.

Now, the story never went into what altering “how much fat the body is able to absorb” could mean for humans, but another story at asserts probiotics might assist in weight loss. In fact, the report says the findings could lead to the development of probiotic therapies for obesity or diabetes.

That probiotics could help increase energy and improve metabolism is great news, especially if it leads to more healthful choices when it comes to dieting for weight loss. It seems there is a new weight-loss pill or method on the market every week, and long-term safety and efficacy is questionable.

The good news: probiotics and enzymes occur naturally in the body.

Look for a probiotic supplement with more than 3 billion colony-forming units for digestive health. Probiotics might help impede the growth of harmful gut bacteria. They also can promote a healthy immune system. Digestive enzyme supplements can boost energy for immune function and ease gastrointestinal problems, such as gas and bloating.


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