What is a systemic enzyme?

Systemic enzyme supplements, when taken between meals, have shown to normalize inflammation and boost immune function. Absorbed intact into the bloodstream, systemic enzymes help restore and maintain healthy blood and tissue functions. Systemic enzyme supplements also are referred to as proteolytic enzymes, as they make use of protease enzymes that perform their work in the physiological conditions of the blood and tissues.

Proteases act differently in body tissues than they do in the digestive tract, and the amount needed for systemic activity is often much greater than that required for digestion. Systemic enzyme supplements can contain different blends of acidic, alkaline and neutral proteases, depending on the purpose of each product. There are several systemic products, including formulations that support the adrenal glands, vascular system, liver, joints and lungs.

A clinical study shows accelerated wound healing
The proteolytic enzyme blend pHysioProtease™ activates alpha-2 macroglobulins when the supplement is taken in the absence of food. These macroglobulins seek out sites of immune function and cleanse inflamed or infested tissue. In a University of Texas Southwest Medical Center study, a protease-based nutritional supplement with pHysioProtease™ accelerated wound-healing time by nearly 20 percent in 77 percent of healthy subjects.

In addition, systemic enzymes are a natural alternative to nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and other over-the-counter and prescriptions drugs. NSAIDs such as aspirin and ibuprofen have been shown to induce gastrointestinal problems and possibly harm the heart.


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