Enzyme content sways some consumers to raw milk

Straight from the farm to the table, raw milk is gaining more popularity for its health benefits, in particular those that relate to digestive disorders, according to a story from The Independent.

While some adults have no problems digesting lactose, milk’s main sugar, others struggle with the gastrointestinal effects of lactose intolerance. The severity of symptoms can vary, but lactose intolerance is usually associated with bloating, cramps, nausea or gas.

Raw milk fully retains the lactase enzyme, which helps the body break down lactose and absorb calcium. Children who drank raw milk have been shown in University of London studies to have a decreased chance of developing allergies and eczema.

Raw milk, however, can contain salmonella, listeria, E.coli or other contaminants. According to The Independent, pregnant women and those with weak immune systems are advised to avoid the drink.

For those concerned about the safety of raw milk, a broad-spectrum digestive enzyme with lactase, as well as other essential enzymes, supports complete digestion of milk and dairy products.


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